Textured Tiger Eye Candle Scribe

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Textured Tiger Eye Candle Scribe

Making your intentions clear and known is an important first step in any new endeavor. This handcrafted candle scribe will help you do just that! Simply use its very sharp point to carve into the body of a candle a word or two describing your intention or what you wish to achieve. Light the candle and let it burn. Meditate on your goals, as well as all the steps involved. By the time the candle has burned completely, you’ll feel more empowered to accomplish your goals.

This unique work of art draws upon the importance and power of ritual throughout human history. It is the creation of V. R. Ellison and is available only through Haunted Bear Studio.

This candle scribe measures 7.5" long. Ellison hand-forged it from steel, and sealed it against rust using a natural, traditional blacksmith technique.

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